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The Chimney Sweep Company Profile

Founded in 1975 in Bellingham, Washington to inspect, clean and repair wood stove and fireplace chimneys, The Chimney Sweep, Inc. has grown to become a full-service Hearth Product sales & service business featuring the finest wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces, wood stoves, gas stoves, kitchen ranges, barbecues and hearth accessories from around the world. Although the bulk of our annual business is now hearth product sales, our chimney inspection and cleaning division remains as the heart and soul of the company, providing us with invaluable information about various products and how they actually perform in the field. The knowledge gained from our customers and Service Division clients over these 40+ years has afforded us the opportunity to select only the most trouble-free and efficient products to sell in our retail store and here at The Chimney Sweep Online.

This after - sale experience also enables us to offer The Chimney Sweep 30 Day Product Guarantee:

If a product purchased at The Chimney Sweep Online doesn't do
exactly what we say it will do, we'll fix it, replace it, or buy it back.


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Contact Information:

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Mail................ The Chimney Sweep, 913 Harris Avenue, Bellingham, WA 98225-7032, USA

Voice Phone... (360) 676-8585 9 - 5 Mon-Fri (Pacific Time)

Toll Free......... (888) 354-6722 9 - 5 Mon-Fri (Pacific Time)

E-Mail........... At the bottom of any page, Click the our contact form button for our custom reply form, or Click  Standard E-mail Window to send us regular E-Mail. Your questions are welcome, and will receive prompt attention. Makes us feel good to help out, and we figure if you knew what we know, you'd buy what we're selling!

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