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The Bari Direct Vent Gas Stove

Sweepy Designed to promote a perfect balance of form and function, the Hase Collection Bari Direct Vent gas stove lends elegance and geniality to any living space. With their high thermal mass, the elegant polished soapstone side and top panels store excess heat and gently release warmth into the home, avoiding the uncomfortable temperature fluctuations of other stoves.

Like all our gas stoves, the Bari is a Direct Vent model, which means it draws its combustion air from outside the home and needs no chimney through the roof. To read about various direct vent techniques, click here.


Hearthstone Bari Direct Vent Gas Stove

Standard Features - Hearthstone Bari DV gas stove

  • Distinctive European Styling
  • Safety Pilot protects occupants, enables operation during power outages
  • Heavy plate steel construction w/ soapstone panels
  • Thermostatic Remote Control included (battery operated)
  • Huge 180 Viewing Window


Specifications: Hearthstone Bari DV gas stove

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Heating Efficiency:
Fuel Input Range:
Heating Capacity:
Viewing Window:
Shipping Weight:

Fuel: Natural Gas
74% - 80%
16,000 - 26,500 BTU/hr
1200 sq. ft.
480 lbs.

Fuel: LP (Propane)
74% - 80%
15,000 - 26,500 BTU/hr
1200 sq. ft.
180 sq. in.
480 lbs.

 Tucson gas stove installation specs 



Want to see the BIG picture? Click Here!
Hearthstone Bari DV Gas Stove in room

Hearthstone Bari DV
Matte Gray / Soapstone


Bari DV Options:

Multi-Function Thermostatic Remote ........ Std
Rear/Corner Direct Vent Kit (24" Rise) ... $405

Approximate Residential Delivery Charges -
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$160-$305 $300-$345 $330-$390 $385-$425

Standard Thermostatic Remote Control


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