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The Clydesdale Wood Fireplace Insert

Sweepy At last! A woodburning fireplace insert made from cast iron and lined with soapstone to provide many hours of even, controllable heat from each load of fuel! The new Clydesdale wood insert achieves a 3.2 grams/hr EPA Phase II emissions rating with reliable non-catalytic technology.

Most fireplace inserts have fireboxes lined with refractory firebricks to create the thermal mass needed for complete burning and optimum efficiency. The Clydesdale takes this one step further, incorporating a firebox liner made of solid soapstone! The soapstone panels absorb heat from the fire, and continue to radiate hours after the fire has died out.


Hearthstone Clydesdale Wood Fireplace Insert, Brown Porcelain

Standard Features - Hearthstone Clydesdale Fireplace Insert

  • Two-position Vent Collar for ease of installation in any fireplace
  • Standard 220 CFM Automatic Blower
  • Lifetime Warranty cast iron construction
  • Heat-retaining soapstone firebox liner
  • 252 stay-clear viewing window - Click to compare
  • Door converts to left-hinged or right-hinged configuration
  • Standard matte black or optional porcelain finish - Click to view
Optional Fire Screen
Optional Fire Screen
for Open-Door Viewing


Specifications: Hearthstone Clydesdale Fireplace Insert

*UL Listed *EPA Approved  

Heating Efficiency:
Particulate Emissions:
Maximum Output:
Heating Capacity:
Firebox Size:
Hardwood Capacity:
Maximum Log Length:
Flue Size:
Shipping Weight:

Cast Iron w/ Soapstone Liner
3.1 grams/hr
75,000 BTU/hr
1200 - 2000 sq. ft.
2.4 cu. ft.
48 lbs
23"T x 33"W x 15"D
585 lbs

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Hearthstone Clydesdale Wood Fireplace Insert, Matte Black
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Clydesdale Insert,
Matte Black

Hearthstone Clydesdale Wood Fireplace Insert, Brown Porcelain
Clydesdale Insert,
Brown Porcelain

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Clydesdale Options:

47-1/8" x 29-1/2" Surround Panels ........................... Std
59" x 36" Surround Panel Extension, Matte ............ $275
Variable Speed Automatic Blower ............................ Std
Fire Screen for Open-Door Viewing ......................... $120
Mantle Shield (Reduces Overhead Clearance) ........ $120
Surround Caps, Matte (view on Big Picture page) ... $75
Surround Caps, Brown Porcelain ............................... $110

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25' Stainless Chimney Liner Kit..... $470
30' Stainless Chimney Liner Kit..... $540
35' Stainless Chimney Liner Kit..... $610
40' Stainless Chimney Liner Kit..... $705
Shipping Zone Map $160 - $305
$300 - $345
$330 - $390
$385 - $425
Approximate Residential Delivery Charges -
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