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Sweep's Library FAQ's

Sweepy Over the years, we've created several handouts to answer our Customers' Frequently Asked questions. Just click on any title below to read about the highlighted subject:

Section 1: Chimney Info


Chimney Liners


Chimney Cleaning


Chimney Troubleshooting


Section 2: Wood Stove Info


Obama's Wood Stove Tax Credit: Reborn for 2016


Wood Stoves: EPA Regulations


Wood Stove Troubleshooting


Wood Stove FAQ's


Fuel Wood Info


Section 3: Gas Stove, Insert & Fireplace Info


Gas Stove Troubleshooting


Gas Stove FAQ's


Vent Free Gas Fireplaces and Why We Don't Sell Them


Section 4: Miscellaneous


Section 5: Product Warranties


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