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The Alderlea T6 Wood Stove

Sweepy Combining an attractive cast iron outer convection shell with Pacific Energy's 99,000 BTU/hr Summit firebox, the Alderlea T6 wood stove features a unique trivet top that opens to expose a hidden cooktop. These powerful EPA Phase II approved heaters achieve a 3.9 grams per hour rating with reliable and stable non-catalytic technology.

Like all our wood stoves, the Alderlea T6 is easily adapted to burn air drawn from outside the house. To read about the advantages of outside combustion air, click here.

Looking for an all-night burn? The Alderlea T6 features Pacific Energy's patented Extended Burn Technology.


Pacific Energy Alderlea T6 Wood Stove

Standard Features - Pacific Alderlea T6 woodstove

  • Heavy plate steel firebox with firebrick liner
  • Cast iron outer shell provides both radiant and convection heat
  • Standard Ash Removal System w/ hidden drawer
  • Door handle on Left (standard) or Right (special order)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 185 stay-clear viewing window - click to compare
  • Stainless Steel secondary burn chamber
  • Warming Trivet Top opens for high-temp stovetop cooking



Specifications: Pacific Alderlea T6 wood stove

*UL Listed *EPA Approved *Manufactured Housing Approved

Heating Efficiency:
Particulate Emissions:
Maximum Output:
Heating Capacity:
Firebox Size:
Hardwood Capacity:
Maximum Log Length:
Flue Size:
Shipping Weight:

Plate Steel / Cast Iron
3.9 grams/hr
99,000 BTU/hr
2000 - 3000 sq. ft.
3.0 cu. ft.
60 lbs
29-1/8"T x 29-1/4"W x 28-3/4"D
585 lbs

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    PE Alderlea T6, cooking on the trivets 

Trivet top hinges open to expose cooktop, provide two warming shelves



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Pacific Energy Alderlea T6 Wood Stove burning
Alderlea T6, Metallic Black


Alderlea T6 Options:
Metallic Black Finish .........................   Std
Ash Removal System w/ Drawer .......   Std
Variable Speed Automatic Blower .... $305

Approximate Residential Delivery Charges
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$295 - $425 $475 - $515
$525 - $610 $540 - $640

"I want to thank you for guiding us through our Alderlea T6 purchase. We had our break-in fires, and are burning dry oak and hedge. Super soft heat, that  cast iron shell helps a lot. I am extremely happy with the burn time and efficiency of this unit (the wood burns like a cigar, like you said).

Thank you very much for all the help and advice you gave us. Our experience with the stove, and your company, has been awesome, and The Chimney Sweep Online will be brought up in many conversations."

Jay Terry

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