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Pacific FP25 Wood Fireplace
Pacific Energy FP25 Wood Fireplace with Contemporary Door  Pacific Energy FP25 Wood Fireplace with Arched Door 
Contemporary Traditional Arch

FP25 Options:
Click Check Boxes to Select
  Single Remote Heat Transfer Kit.......................... $480
  5' Air Duct @ $70 ea  4
  Second Remote Heat Transfer Kit........................ $480
  5' Air Duct @ $70 ea  4

Sweepy The FP25 must be installed using at least 15' of ASHT chimney from one of the manufacturers listed below:

ManufacturerBrandTypeSize (ID)
Security ChimneySecure Temp ASHT1" Solid Pack6"
Selkirk MetalbestosUltra-Temp1" Solid Pack6"
ICCExcel1" Solid Pack6"
Simpson Dura-VentDuraTech Class A1" Solid Pack6"

The above-listed chimneys are available at hardware stores, hearth product shops and home improvement centers everywhere.  If you prefer to have us ship the chimney with your fireplace, use the drop-down menus & check boxes below to order.


Cathedral Chimney Diagram

DuraTech Cathedral Chimney Kit:

Add Roof Brace if chimney will extend more than 5' above the flashing
Roof Brace Kit... $115

Chimney Height Rules Diagram

The Pacific FP25 requires at least 15' of chimney, and may need more to comply with the "height above roof penetration" requirement. Here's how to figure out how many feet of chimney will be needed:

The chimney must extend from the fireplace to a point at least 3' above the roof, and also 2' above any part of the roof within 10'. Example: If the roof peaks at 16' above the floor, and the peak is within 10' of the chimney location, the chimney will need to rise to a point 18' above the floor. We subtract the 45" height of the fireplace to determine that the minimum 15' chimney kit will work.

Attic Chimney Diagram

DuraTech Attic Chimney Kit:

Add Roof Brace if chimney will extend more than 5' above the flashing
Roof Brace Kit... $115


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